Stand Up Vlad Kapitsa's Party

18 November 2018, Sun. 20:00
from 3.00 EUR
from 3.00 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth going to the Vlad Kapitsa's Stand Up Party?

1. Excellent comedians and new jokes.
2. Warm party.
3. It's cold outside.

You are a young guy or a girl, and one hundred percent have seen a lot of good comedy on the Internet, and now you are skeptical about Ukrainian humor. Great, so are we. Therefore, we are doing so that in Kiev it was possible to go for a progressive live stand-up.

We do not have a luxury party with hookahs and leather sofas. We have a party in a beautiful loft, where we call decent comedians, give them a microphone in their hands so that they can do what they can do - make you laugh.

Who is Vlad Kapitsa? One of the comedians, who also manages to organize such movements here, because he does not have a real job.
Speakers: Vlad Kapitsa + 3 stand-up comedian, whose names can be found in the course of the announcement.

The entrance is open from 19:00. The show starts at 20:00.

We have a bar, coffee and snacks. And we have before the show playing Kanye West.

Ticket prices
• 149 - 199 UAH: with reference to a specific place in the hall.
• UAH 99: without reference to specific places in the hall. This means that you will definitely be sitting together with the company, but in which part of the hall you will find out at the entrance.