The Old Man and the Sea

11 December 2018, Tue. 19:00
Mala Opera Kyiv, Dehtiarivska St, 5
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from 3.03 EUR
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About event

Why go to the play "The Old Man and the Sea"?

1. Performance based on the novel of the famous novel by Ernest Hemenguey.
2. In the title role, Honored Artist of Ukraine Anatoly Tikhomirov, known for the television series School (director).
3. The performance complements the documentary chronicle and the image of Hemenguey himself.

The Danapris Theater presents a performance based on the story of the outstanding American writer, Nobel Prize laureate Ornest Hemenguey.

The performance is built on an exciting duel between an old fisherman and a huge fish.

The performance is about the inner strength of a person, his ability to realize the beauty and greatness of the surrounding world. The stage narration is complemented with the use of documentary filmmakers and the image of Hemenguei, who seems to merge with the old man Santiago, because the Old Man is the author himself.

The music of Claude Debussy, the artistic and plastic solution is the effect of the presence of the audience right there in the boat, in the sea!