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Standup Alla Volkova Solo Concert

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About event

Women quote her jokes and want to be her friends. Men both want and are afraid to become the heroes of her stand-up.

But everyone is equally unable to look away. It's enough to watch one stand-up of Alla Volkova - and you can't stop. Hard, unexpected, sometimes dirty, but always witty - that's the kind of person she is.

Be sure that the first row will be the hottest, because this very evening will be the filming of Alla Volkova's improvisation on the YouTube channel of Wandering Standup.

Therefore, if you want to tell Alla a story about how your ex cheated on you, so that the whole ukrutube will know what an asshole he is, buy tickets in the first rows, if they are still available;)

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Part of the collected money will go to the Armed Forces

ℹ️ Useful information:

🧸 Preferably without children, event 18+
✅ Up to 18 years accompanied by 1 adult
⌚️ Duration: 60-80 minutes
🛡 In the event of an air raid, the concert will be suspended, the audience will go to the nearest shelter. After the alarm ends, the concert will continue


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