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Standup and wine in Boho

7 June 2024, Fri. 19:00-21:00
Boho Kyiv, Ivana Fedorova st, 4
from 300 ₴
from 300 ₴


About event

On Friday, June 7, we invite you to "Standup and wine at Boho" in the center of the capital (4 Ivana Fedorova St.).

"Stand-up and wine at Boho" is a great opportunity to spend an unforgettable evening with a loved one or in the company of friends, enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail and laugh heartily.
They will joke for you:
Max Vyshinskyi is a comedian who genuinely ironizes adult and married life. The first Ukrainian stand-up comedian who gave a solo concert at the "October Palace" ICCM, his stand-up also sounded in the Palace of Sports in front of 5,000 spectators.
Andriy Berezhko - the winner of "Make a Comedian Laugh", a participant in the stand-up show "Goodnight Club", is ironic about his life, but you think he is about yours :)
Andriy Rybak is an evening presenter, comedian, showman, known for his participation in the "Laughter League", "Make a Comedian Laugh" and popular YouTube shows.

"NI:KA CONCERT" is an agency that creates beautiful concert events and activities. We are your stylish rest, popular artists and a guarantee of a great mood.

Other dates

Standup ta vino u Boho

21 June 2024 19:00

Boho, Kyiv

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from 300 ₴

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