12 May 2019, Sun. 19:00
Lviv Dovzhenko Centre Lviv, Chervonoyi Kalyny Ave, 81
from 4.55 EUR
from 4.55 EUR
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About event

Why go to the concert of Stepan Gigi?

1. Stepan Giga - one of the brightest representatives of the Ukrainian National Astrophysical Foundation
2. In Lviv, the artist will perform the best hits
3. The concert will give the sea a pleasant emotions and will charge with vital energy

Stepan Giga invites friends to the "Great Spring Concert" at "Dovzhenko Center" in Sykhiv!

People's Artist of Ukraine, a talented musician and composer, a favorite of Ukrainian women, Stepan Giga invites Lviv to plunge into the warmest waves of the sea with the best hits of the artist.

Always sincere and smiling, Stepan Giga will provide a good mood and unforgettable impressions: on May 12, 2019, in the center of Dovzhenko at Sykhiva will present a charming evening to its audience with the company with its majesty, Song. Fans of creativity of Stepan Petrovich are drunk from the magic of the autumn musical holiday! We are intrigued. And you?

Maestro, whose songs are not timeless

Apparently, on the Ukrainian stage it is difficult to find an artist who wins the hearts of the audience from the first chord of the song or the first stanza of the text.

For more than a quarter of a century, Stepan Giga confidently holds leadership positions in the guards of the Ukrainian song, the one that confuses and captures, causes sorrow and joy, prompts for reflection on the future and the past, about the fast and eternal ... What is worth the hit of the composer "Yavorina"! More than one generation of conscious Ukrainians will think in every word of the lyrics and will see their meaning in it.

Today in the creative work of Stepan Gigi - a series of studio albums, which included the best musical compositions of the artist. His hits have become real hits of an entire era - for thousands of years they have been sung by thousands of fans all over the country. These are songs that without any doubt can be included in the category of those that can be listened to "non-stop", continuously and every time to discover something new, reflecting on the depth values and philosophy of life.

Concert of Stepan Gigi in Lviv - a bright musical evening under the chords of his favorite songs

"The gold of the Carpathians, the golden songs I bring to you on this festive day ..." - Announces the artist and is ready to give generously to his passionate supporters all the treasures of his own creativity. Every concert of the artist is rich in powerful emotions, inept applause and a great mood.

The highlight of the musical holiday will be invited guests - Kvitoslav Giga and the group "My Friends", which, in good tradition, will delight the audience with beautiful duets with the artist.

The concert of Stepan Gigi on May 12th in the center of Dovzhenko on Shekhov will be expensive and priceless for every listener. This melodious confession can not be missed!

This spring concert by Stepan Gigi Lviv will remember for a long time, so buy tickets without delay!

Every admirer of creativity Stepan Gigi knows that an event of such a scale in Lviv is a unique chance to meet with your favorite artist. Therefore, take care of the tickets in advance! After all, those who want to listen to Stupana Giga are thousands, and the number of seats is limited.

An emotional concert, on which your favorite hits will sound, will become a pledge of good mood under the veil of autumn.