31 August - 01 September 2018 22:00
Bora Bora by Skybar Kyiv, Hydropark, Molodizhnyi beach
from 9.09 EUR
from 9.09 EUR


About event

Why go to a party in Bora Bora By Skybar?

1. German techno producer and DJ Steve Bug will perform for the first time on Bora Bora by Skybar!
2. Given all the factors of Steve's development, we can say with confidence that he is an idol and a standard not only for many of his fans, but also for many colleagues in the shop
3. Steve's speech with confidence enters the category of MUST VISIT!

Father tek-house, the founder of the famous label Poker Flat - Steve Bug will perform for the first time on Bora Bora by Skybar!

Starting his career back in the 90s, submitting his hard house and acid house to the raves, he came to the conclusion that his work should be filled with architectural sound, taking into account modern musical directions gaining momentum.

To date, Steve uses musical genres to express his ideas, based and inspired by the viewing of noir films, and when listening to avant-garde composers. It's worth mentioning Steve's passion for synthesizers, and it's not only the musical need of a DJ, but also a passion for collecting.

Local Support:

Oleg Pantelei (Oleg Chiv)
Face Control & Dress Code

Cost of entry:

For men - 300 UAH at the checkout entrance! Tickets online 150 UAH.
Girls are free;

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