Terrible revenge

23 October 2018, Tue. 18:00
Chernihiv theater of Shevchenko Chernigiv, Myru av, 23
from 1.52 EUR
from 1.52 EUR


Terrible revenge in Chernigiv - photo #1 picture
Terrible revenge in Chernigiv - photo #2 picture

About event

Poltava Academic Regional Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after MV Gogol

Performance for 2 acts for Gogol.
Directed by Sergey Pavlyuk.

"Terrible revenge" is a fantastically mystical act in which the director reveals the theme of eternal sin, which will have to be redeemed by the next generation. Mystic history turns into a kind of poetic Ukrainian theater, which carries the depth of tradition and sacredness.

The bright ritual, the sound of authentic singing, the display of the Cossack victory became the main elements in the construction of the action. In the general circle, the dead and living heroes will circle, who will love and betray, walk and kill... And if there is no end to these sins, the earth will roar and swallow up all sinners. After all, their souls can no longer be saved from the centuries-old desire to take revenge...