SuperNatural Wine Festival

29 February 2020, Sat. 12:00
from 6.67 EUR
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from 6.67 EUR
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About event

all this text will be written in small letters. it may have prints, such as prmo reef. it is not about who cares, but about naturalness, because we are dealing with natural wines, and in the case of them, everything must be natural.

natural ones should be known and drunk, because they are not only a trend, it is something of a type… you do not want to use a cliche about works of art, but you will not say otherwise. they provide a minimum of control for the wineries (no or little sulfur, often no filtering, wild yeast) and maximum aid for nature, creating healthy and quality grapes.

naturalists are united by the lack of snobbery and the principles of wine production - the same low intervention. they do not interfere with the process of creation to produce wine that is not liked by critics. it is not at all guilty of anything, nor is it guilty of anything at all. you too. you can either pinch it or not, you should definitely try.

so we decided to bring together those who are already, who are not yet, who are just gathering, and those who have not even thought about it. if you are among those who have already, but not appreciated, another chance for these wines. and maybe not one, because there will be more than 100 chances at the SuperNatural Wine Festival.

On February 29, we will bring together similar in philosophy, but still very different winemakers, naturalists. no one has done this before. we will do. France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Switzerland and other countries. a glass of spiegelau, you and lots of natural wine. the food will be too.

for wines are responsible:
Le Silpo

come, taste, study (there will be lectures too), understand it or not, talk to winemakers. or not. just drink natural.

a joke to their own: some winemakers say the same parker would give them 50. What does that mean? Google the score from Parker. badabumz.