27 November 2018, Tue. 07:00
from 4.52 EUR
from 4.52 EUR
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Why go to the play "Sutretsa"?

1. This is the only performance in the country that can be viewed before work.
2. The first comedy-detective from the theater of the absurd
3. You will not be able to forget these charming eccentrics for a long time.

What is the charm of the light morning detective "Sutretsa" from the International Theater of the Absurd Vorobushek, is that he will be played at 7 am. Yes, you were not mistaken. We will repeat it again - 7 am, Architect House, November 27. And again - 7:00.

The theater, which broke the record of Ukraine in the nomination “The greatest number of author's performances played in one day”, and here it is in Kiev with the comedy “Sutretsa”, which is played at 7 in the morning. You probably have not understood. 7 am.

Just think - all colleagues are sleepy, and you are cheerful and cheerful, because you have already seen a big brain-crushing comedy show. Believe me, we wrote the play with a clear awareness that you will still be sleepy, which means it will be easier to reach your subconscious.

But just imagine: waking up the city, around the dawn silence, you can even hear the flashing light of a traffic light, steam from aromatic coffee rises into the sky, where sleepy birds fly by. You finish drinking a black invigorating drink and walk in from the cold into a cozy warm room. And rushed ...