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23 June 2019, Sun. 07:00
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from 5.00 EUR
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Sutretsa in Kyiv - photo #1 picture
Sutretsa in Kyiv - photo #2 picture
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About event

What is the Sparrow? This is the International Theater for the Absurd of 7-year Exposure, the record-breaker of Ukraine in the number of performances played on one day who did not want to stop; member of the League of Laughter. Imagine that semolina hit the gas tank. Or how you eat honey from a can with a fork. Approximately acts on the consciousness of the Sparrow.

What is the festival of the absurd Sutulaya dog Jackie Chan? This is when the city for one day turns into another planet. This is an ideal festival to plunge into the space of the International Theater of the Absurd The Sparrows with their heads. This is the only festival of the absurd in the country. This is the moment that you want to remember at least three times: when you will be lonely; when you do not have something to boast in front of friends; when a pack of whales and cats attack you. But seriously, it will not work, because how can you write a serious description of the festival, the goal of which is to make everyone laugh, wonder and rejoice throughout the day. Starting from 7 am, we will show our five author's performances, in which we ourselves will play, in five different venues in Kiev. Do not disappoint, last year was gorgeous. And before last - what to say! Oh yes. This is the third festival. How was the previous ones? Find those who came, and ask them - it will be easy to find them - there were six sold-out ones.

Clear? Not until the end? Then taste the details further!

Morning light detective "Sutretsa."
The first performance in the country, which can be seen on a wonderful Sunday morning. Just think - Sunday, and at 7 am you are cheerful and cheerful - you go to the theater.
Believe me, we wrote a play with a clear awareness that you will be still sleepy, which means to get
until your subconscious will be easier. Well, you just imagine:
the waking city, around the dawn silence, can be heard even as a traffic light flashes, steam from aromatic coffee rises into the sky, where sleepy birds fly by. You finish drinking a black invigorating drink and walk in from the morning chill into a cozy warm room. And rushed ...