Wedding ceremony at the potter's house

8 January 2020, Wed. 19:00
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This story is loved by all Ukrainians !!!! This is a real Ukrainian classics ...

"Wedding on Goncharivka" is one of the best, artistically finished household plays in the Ukrainian classical drama, which does not lose its attractiveness today. The viewers with the same enthusiasm watch the beauty of Ulyana lifting the pumpkin to the awkward Stetsky, and the smart and resourceful soldier Skorik helps her marry her beloved Alexey. The charm and extraordinaryness of this play is in deep folk, in the sparkling humor, which are endowed with the main characters. These vivid types, created on a folklore basis, still live in the people, and the theme of passionate love and struggle for their happiness has always been and will be relevant.

"Wedding on the Honcharivka" - a work, endowed with a crazy intrigue, where lyrics and humor are revealed in multi-genre music rooms - relevant and popular today, so only Ukrainians can humor! Come and have fun with the unique humorous dialogues written by Grigory Kvitka-Osnovyanenko and the play of the unparalleled actors of the theater!

Musical comedy is a joke for 2 acts

Cyril Stetsenko's music

Director-producer - Honored Artist of Ukraine Vera Timchenko
The artist is Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine Oleksandr Symonenko
Conductor - Alexey Roschak
Choreographer Olga Shpakovskaya
Chorus Master - Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine Mykola Borsch
The play involved: Antonina Bagley
art Elena Bondarenko
art Edward bragida
art Yevheniya Vasilenko
art Anatoliy Kovalsky,
art Valentin Korin
art Mykola Lemeshko
art Albert Lukashov
art Nikolay Mironenko
art Sergey Nosenko
art Elena Statsenko
In mass scenes - the drama and theater ballet actors.