Svatannya na Goncharivtsi

31 October 2018, Wed. 18:30
Chernihiv theater of Shevchenko Chernigiv, Myru av, 23
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from 1.52 EUR
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About event

Why it is worth going to the performance "Svatannya na Goncharivtsi"?

1. Touch the beloved Ukrainian theater classics.
2. Replenish the vital reserves of the positive.
3. To plunge into the plot, which to this day is relevant.

In the Chernigov Theater. T.G. Shevchenko is an imperishable masterpiece of Ukrainian classics, the play "Swatannya at Goncharivtsi". Come for a bright mood!

"Svatannya na Goncharivtsi" - no doubt, among the best household plays in the history of the Ukrainian theater. All Ukrainians know and love this story. Hurry to see the modern production of classical work, which still does not lose its relevance today! Here on the stage appears the beautiful Ulyana, with that ill-fated "garbuz" for the unlucky Stetska. It is equally interesting for the viewer to observe the ingenious efforts of Skorik to help Ulyana marry a loved one.

The performance is not ordinary. He has a special charm, the source of which is the people's roots and the bright mood of the heroes. These are incredibly catchy images, reflecting the main features of the national character. The interest of the viewer and the main theme of the work - the theme of true love - continues unabated. Man will never stop fighting for his happiness. And if you do it with a good sense of humor, you will not be bored for sure!

"Svatannya na Goncharivtsi" - these are the subtly felt dialogues of Kvitka-Osnovyanenko and an unrivaled play of actors. Waiting for you!