20 January 2019, Sun. 19:00
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from 7.58 EUR
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Oh, how beautiful life will be! ..
Life without money .. Life without money !!!
And how nice it will be to live
And without worries and sorrows! ..

Our ancestors, the “heroes” of Mikhail Zoshchenko's satirical tales, dreamed about this and absolutely seriously dreamed up - just some part of a hundred years ago. Every day we see what their dreams were embodied in the price lists of shops, bills for communal services, bank credit interest holders, etc. etc.

Zoshchenko chuckles at his contemporaries, who are ready to “sell” their husband to a lonely lady with all the following intimate details of a family life, for a “chervonchik”. Today, “chervonchiki” were replaced by “share of the rituals” ... But have we changed? .. Do we remember that in addition to money, there are other notorious “eternal” values - honor, friendship, love, duty, etc. etc.

If you, dear viewers, have even the slightest doubt, immediately come to the play “Matchmaker Matchmaking”. We guarantee that the arrow of our indefatigable Cupid-Amur will surely “pierce” your heart! And you will leave us cheerful, in love and winged!