Hemingway Jazz. A holiday that is always with you

27 February 2019, Wed. 20:00
House of Cinema Kyiv, Saksaganskogo Street, 6
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from 3.03 EUR
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About event

“The holiday that is always with you” by Ernest Hemingway is a beautiful and real story about the love of a beloved one, friends, life and Paris. A story that can be re-read endlessly.

“Having finally got to Miro, we had a wonderful lunch, but when we ate and we didn’t think about food, the feeling that we took on the bridge for hunger did not disappear and lived in us while we were going home by bus.

It did not disappear when we entered the room and went to bed, and when we loved each other in the dark, it also did not disappear. And when I woke up and saw the moonlight on the roofs of tall houses through the open windows, it also did not disappear. I moved away so that the moon would not shine in my face, but I could not sleep and lay with my eyes open and thought about it. We both woke up twice during the night, and now my wife was fast asleep, and the light of the moon fell on her face. But I was still thinking about the same thing and still could not understand anything. And in the morning I saw a deceptive spring, and I heard the tune of a shepherd who was driving the goats, and went for the morning program of horse racing, and life seemed so simple. "

And each time I read it, I had an unlimited desire to make literary and musical immersion into a novel with an actor and composer, and finally my dream came true. - Evgeny Kryvin (Svitlo Concert), producer and director of the play.