Mammal Hands

10 December 2019, Tue. 19:00
ICCA OCTOBER PALACE Kyiv, aleya Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni, 1
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from 9.67 EUR
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About event

Why should you go to Mammal Hands concert?

1. These musicians can turn jazz into a rave.
2. Mammal Hands - one of the leading representatives of modern jazz.
3. Live performances of the team capture, absorb and immerse themselves in the unknown world.

December 10 in the October Palace - hypnotic and incredibly energetic Mammal Hands! The organizer of the meeting with the foremost jazz in the Ukrainian capital is Svitlo Concert. Come!

Mammal Hands are called unearthly and stately. And The Guardian noticed that they could turn jazz into a “loud rave act”. Concerts of the group are full of drive and mad energy. For this, Mammal Hands are compared to GoGo Penguin and Portico Quartet.

Today the group Mammal Hands is on the crest of a new wave of jazz. Combining classical jazz, rock motifs and electronic music in their music, the band conquers millions and basks of positive reviews from critics. And while the views on YouTube are going wild, the musicians continue to create their masterpieces based on Sufi trance and West African sound.

See you!