Seasons. Vivaldi, Piazzolla

18 November 2018, Sun. 20:00
from 5.30 EUR
from 5.30 EUR
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About event

We have prepared for you a unique evening where two world musical masterpieces will sound.

“Seasons” by Antonio Vivaldi - philosophical reflection on the circulation of life and a sample of composer's skill, illustrated with musical sketches “calendar”. "Seasons in Buenos Aires" by Astor Piazzolla is a lyrical suite about the feelings and destinies of a small person in a big city. The world around us through the eyes of two geniuses appears so different, but it equally makes you admire the fullness of life, masterly captured in music.

The cycle of four violin concertos contains many meanings: four seasons - four ages of a person's life - four directions of the world - four times of the day. And the whole cycle of the "Seasons" is the path of the Man from youth, the joy of spring light to the last joys of winter. All this predetermined the recognition of the cycle as an unsurpassed masterpiece.

Two cycles of "The Seasons", each of which has won great popularity all over the world will be performed by the orchestra "Virtuosos of Kiev".