15 November 2019, Fri. 19:00
Freedom Hall Kyiv, Kyrylovska street, 134
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR
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About event

Why do we love musicals? For positive, relevance, plasticity, the ability to put a serious meaning into an elegant form. Genre, born in the early twentieth century on the podium of New York from a mixture of variety, ballet and dramatic interludes, is today considered one of the most beloved by the public in the whole world.

The musical is an extremely modern genre and at the same time with a rich, century-old history; easy to read, but incredibly difficult to perform; built on world masterpieces of literary classics and understandable to everyone; popular and at the same time so unknown, because many works of this genre have not yet reached the Ukrainian stage.

In the program “World Musicals. The best! "From the National Operetta, which will take place at the Freedom Hall Theater Concert Complex, you will see a modern interpretation of the already well-known masterpieces of the genre and at the same time get acquainted with many premiere numbers, including those from the Broadway musicals (after all, the National Operetta is the only theater in Ukraine that has an official license from New York for the right productions of Broadway pearls!). Spectators are waiting for the subtle dramatic play of actors, exquisite singing, original choreography, complex acrobatic stunts, the entertainment of multi-layered stage design with multi-screen equipment, modern light and sound special effects.