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Sviatoslav VAKARCHUK. Charity evening-concert

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Charity evening-concert of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk

On 01.06, an evening concert of Ukrainian music legend Svyatoslav Vakarchuk will be held in Chernihiv

To meet together, hear your favorite songs in a cozy, acoustic format and help our defenders - do not miss this unique opportunity.

These charity solo concerts as part of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk's tour of Ukraine in the spring of 2024 are unique due to the program. The concert consists of two parts: in the first, the musician performs his songs on the guitar, as he usually does for our defenders on the fronts of the east and south of the country. In the second half, he accompanies himself on the piano, recreating the atmosphere of writing songs, that is, as they appear - at home, under the piano.

You will be able to hear Okeanu Elsa's songs, as well as songs from the band leader's solo projects, as well as folk songs on this very evening. Just Like You and That One, City of Mary and City of Spring, Everest, In the Sky, I'm Going Home and Charm, No Fight, Hugs and many others.

All those who have already attended these performances agree on one thing - whether it is a hall for 700 people or several thousand people - the feeling that everyone has gathered here today.
A special mood is created by lighting.

The money from the tickets goes to help the brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, NGU and other representatives of the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

Don't miss this musical evening!

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Sviatoslav VAKARCHUK. Charity evening-concert

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Sviatoslav VAKARCHUK. Charity evening-concert

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