His people - is considered!

29 January 2019, Tue. 19:30
Actor`s House Kyiv, vulytsya Yaroslaviv Val, 7
from 3.67 EUR
from 3.67 EUR

About event

Why is it worth to go to the play “Your People, Let's Count!”?

1. Well, very funny! However, with meaning.
2. The brilliant dramaturgy of Ostrovsky and the statements that have entered the history of literature and cinema.
3. Good mood, which we can guarantee.

We invite you to the family comedy play "Your People - Let's Count!". Intellectual humor and sense jokes are the key to a good mood!

“Let's count our people!” - a play telling about the events of the middle of the XIX century. The plot twists against the aspirations of Lipochka - a lady who knows her worth - to marry only a worthy person. But what if this was not there? But Lipochka went through everything: the “fortopians”, “excellent dances”, and French lessons. Well, not for nothing! Resolved: an ultimatum - to parents and Ustinje, matchmaker. Either the bridegroom is in the shortest possible time, or the tragedy cannot be avoided!

The girl’s father, a wealthy merchant Samson Silych, does not share his daughter’s plans. He has other problems: weakening trade, lending loans, the daunting prospect of a “debt pit”. Father seeks to crank financial scam, part of which will be marriage Lipochki. Now the whole family is caught up in a whirlwind of events. Salvation can only be love. If only it is not put up for sale ...

The roles are performed by Oleg Golovko, Alexander Priymak, Larisa Andreeva, Victoria Perebeinos, Tatyana Stepchenkova, Georgy Kurinov, Olesya Matei, Yevgeny Nazarenko. Choreography: Ekaterina Kotsyuba

Waiting for you!