Lords of the Sound. Symphony of Justice

24 September 2018, Mon. 20:00
Maria Zankovetska Theatre Lviv, Lesi Ukrainky St, 1
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from 8.30 EUR
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About event

Why go to the Lords of the Sound concert "SYMPHONY OF JUSTICE"?

1. A fabulous musical event for cinema and music lovers
2. More than a hundred musicians (symphony orchestra and choir), special effects and great music
3. This is the music that you want to get up and protect the world from all evil

Symphony Orchestra of Lords of the Sound, choir, special effects and grand music of justice will merge in the new Symphony Of Justice show program!

The concert is dedicated to the brightest movie heroes who desperately stand at the helm of peace and well-being of the whole universe! They are fighting crime, terrorists, aliens, evil geniuses, cars and all that threatens galaxies, civilizations, or individual people. Someone is super-powerful, someone is a secret agent, and someone is an eccentric detective. But their important mission would be impossible in silence.

Do you see Tony Stark without the "Back in Black" song from AC / DC? But what about Batman without the works of Hans Zimera? And what would happen to James Bond without the main theme that sets the tone for the whole movie?

So, the Lords of the Sound Orchestra, which is waiting in all corners of Ukraine, which tirelessly expands the tour map abroad, prepares a large block of music full of subtlety of superheroes, superhuman power and justice! In the live performance of the symphony orchestra, chorus and soloists, the rhythms of the cool guys from the following movies will be heard: 007, SPIDER MAN, MATRIX, DOCTOR WHO, SHERLOCK HOLMES, IRON MAN, DEADPOOL, COMANDO, BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT, MISSION IMPOSIBLE, THE TOURIST, POLICE ACADEMY, MAN in BLACK, THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, X-MAN, DOCTOR STRANGE, MAN OF STEEL, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

Under this music, you just want to get up and save humanity from evil! Adventurism, determination, courage, energy - this is what is laid down in the Symphony of Justice. And even more of the concert will be added special effects and show-components, which are carefully prepared by the organizers. We invite you on September 24 at 20:00 in the theater. Maria Zankovetskaya to hear their Symphony of Justice performed by the Lords of the Sound symphony orchestra!

Conductor: Vitaliy Sarazhinsky.
Producer: Andrei Novatorov.