14 June 2019, Fri. 22:00
Arizona Beach Club Kharkov, Alekseevskiy Lugopark, Bukovy lane, 10
from 13.64 EUR
from 13.64 EUR
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About event

Why go to a T-FEST concert?

1. The most awesome tracks, only the most proven chelas and charismatic Ti - this is your evening, do not miss it!
2. Get a charge of energy and kayfoni from quality material T-Fest!
3. A charismatic TV does not create scandals around itself, but does what it does best.

June 14 in Arizona Beach Club - the trendsetter, a young and talented rapper T-Fest with a long-awaited solo concert!

The coolest Ukrainian rapper became especially popular with the release of Lambada, recorded jointly with Scripton. The sensational single was released by Gazgolder and the main artist there is our Ukrainian guy Kirill Nezboretsky, now known as T-Fest. Cooperation with Gazgolder is in itself a great achievement. Many recitative masters dream of this for a long time, and Ti was able to literally break into the life of the Creative Union immediately after the release of the debut album "0372".

One of the brightest hits of T-Fest was the track “Fly Away”. The number of downloads and auditions on the network - just rolls over. Actually, “Fly Away” became the work that showed the world a new big artist, whose concerts are no longer so easy to snatch a ticket. So take your time!

Charismatic TI does not create scandals around itself and does not say too much. He just does what he does best. And the more he does, the faster his fanbase increases. Are you already in its composition?