T-Fest. August 22

22 August 2018, Wed. 22:00
Ibiza Night Club Odessa, Odessa, Arcadia
from 12.11 EUR
from 12.11 EUR
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About event

Why go to the T-FEST concert?

1. The most flying tracks, only the most trusted chelas and charismatic Ti - it's your evening, do not miss it!
2. Get a charge of energy and kayfoni from quality material T-Fest!
3. Charismatic Ti does not create scandals around himself, but does what he's got best of all.

August 22, meet your favorite rapper T-Fest in the club Ibiza! You must be there!

The first glory of the Ukrainian guy Kirill Nezboretsky was brought to the work of "Lambada", recorded with Scriptonite. And there was a loud single on the Gazgolder label, which is already a steep achievement for any artist. Not everyone dreams about this, and even more so - achieves such success. At the same time, Ti quickly broke into the life of that Gazgolder immediately after the release of the debut "0372".

Among the most notable tracks of T-Fest is the work of Uleti. The number of views and downloads on the network can not be counted. With the release of "Uleti" rapper became really famous and in demand. And now at his concerts - unmatchable sold-out.

See you!