Thus ended the summer

14 October 2018, Sun. 19:00
from 1.36 EUR
from 1.36 EUR

About event

Why is it worth to the play "So ended the summer"?

1. Find out what he is, the sad path to himself.
2. See the production, where everything is reconciled, as in the game of a harmonious orchestra.
3. Enjoy the original imagery of the performance.

Everyone is responsible for everything that happens to him. However, no one can avoid mistakes and accidents. That is why we so often look into the past to look for a turning point, when the channel of our fate turned in the wrong direction.

For example, for Lucy Crown such an instant occurred in the summer. Although it started, like any other previous one. And in the end there was something that could remain an ordinary and stupid adventure, like many women have, then become a small secret, kept until old age. But it turned out to be a real disaster. Hurricane, who scattered on the sides of three lives. And the most native people have ceased to be so. Can this be fixed?

The play is based on Yaroslav Stelmakh's play, where he in turn revised the novel of the famous American writer Irwin Shaw. The production has been almost 20 years in the repertoire of the theater, continuing to become a discovery for those who first watch it. Director - Eduard Mitnicki.