Tango performance. Prosto ta

14 September 2019, Sat. 19:00
CARIBBEAN club Kyiv, Petlyury st. 4
from 6.33 EUR
from 6.33 EUR


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Tango performance. Prosto ta in Kyiv - photo #2 picture
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About event

The 14th of September at 19:00 Caribbean Club Concert Hall will host “Prosto TA...”* — a contemporary tango-play. It is a fusion of two disciplines — dance and theatre.

“Prosto TA” — is a collective effort by a group of creative individuals, in particular Svitlana Shevetovska, owner of “GOLDANCE” studio, musicians of one-of-a-kind quartet “Kiev Tango Project” and a young dance-theatre “WAVE”. Renowned choreographer and stage director Oleksii Bus’ko was invited as the director of the show. “It so happens, that we live in the age when we endure an excessive amount of information on a daily basis, which permeates our mind from everywhere. Oftentimes, on a subconscious level, we absorb and fill ourselves with terabytes of information about other people’s inventions and thoughts. The hardest thing is to concentrate on the simple things, and they, precisely, make up things that seem complex from the first look...” Thankfully, we have abstract thinking, which gave us the phenomenon of art, which with time acquired a multitude of shapes and forms. One can abandon one’s external world and dive into their own consciousness, subconsciousness, soul and, perhaps, arrive at simple answers to hard questions,” — shares director, Oleksii Bus’ko on the tango-play “Prosto TA…”
It will be the first tango-play of its kind in Ukraine, which will be accompanied and performed live by “Kiev Tango Project”.

Apart from dancers, musicians will also take part in the performance. We will erase all stereotypes you might have had about tango, and turn your perceptions about this style and “Tango-play” upside down.
Away with the standards, we will show you what tango is really like. We will tell you about the most important things in a simple way. Don’t miss!

*Prosto TA — a word-play, since the word “prostota” means ‘simplicity’ in Ukrainian and Russian languages.

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