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About event

TARAS PETRYNENKO AND TETIANA HOROBETS. BIG SOLO CONCERT is possible thanks to The Armed Forces of Ukraine! Don`t miss 2024-02-25 в 19:00 on the КЗ «Народний дім Моршинської територіальної громади», Село Баня Лисовицька.
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A big solo concert by Taras Petrinenko, with the participation of Tetyana Horobets and the group "Grono".

Taras Petrynenko is a true legend of Ukrainian music and national identity. He is the author and performer of the unofficial national anthem of Ukraine and many other songs about love for the native land, and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy awarded him the highest award " National Legend ".

Taras Petrynenko is one of the outstanding musical creators whose songs have become symbols of culture. His compositions are never played in the background in restaurants, because they highlight cultural values and deep emotions. From the first chords of Taras Petrinenko's songs, the listener is immersed in the world of music that truly changes everything around.

The voice of Taras Petrynenko is a symbol of the Ukrainian music scene. His performance of unforgettable songs, which have become part of the cultural heritage of many generations of Ukrainians, fills the heart with energy and love for his country. After listening to his compositions, there is a desire to act, create, change everything around and go for victory.

"To be on the same wavelength with my listeners, to feel their support - this is extremely important to me!" - the meter of the Ukrainian scene is shared.

We invite you to attend this great solo concert and immerse yourself in the world of Ukrainian musical culture together, feel the magic of the melodies of Taras Petrynenko, Tetyana Horobets and the band "Grono".

Let music unite us and bring joy to the heart!