11 June 2019, Tue. 19:00
from 3.00 EUR
from 3.00 EUR


About event

Why go to the Shadow Theater 3D Show?

1. Their show will amaze your imagination!
2. Look at the scene, without taking your eyes off and holding your breath.
3. First in the world - fantastic, amazing imagination 3D THEATER OF SHADOWS!

THEATER OF SHADOWS - 3D SHOW. According to numerous requests from Kiev, we present an additional concert!

For 8 years of work THEATER OF SHADOWS “VerbaShadowShow” has presented Ukraine in 37 countries of the world! He visited the USA, China, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Oman, Turkey, Bulgaria, Armenia, India, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, Monaco, Lebanon, Moldova, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Israel, Romania, Germany, France, Poland and others. countries ... And now the time has come for the premiere in Ukraine!

Over the years of performances, Shadow Theater “VerbaShadowShow” gained recognition and love for its creativity in children and adults, which in turn led to the creation of unique family-show projects: “ShadowHollywood”, “KingdomofShadows” and “ShadowSpace”. These are three full-length shadow shows, when the play of light and shadow immerses the viewer into an amazing world of beautiful scenes, where adults watch the magic of shadows with admiration, and children watch fairy tales with bated breath.

In 2018, thanks to the experience and desire to unleash their creative potential, to keep up with the times, it was decided to open a new genre - 3D THEATER OF SHADOWS. For this purpose, the production of The Legends of Ice and Flame was created (the plot of the acclaimed and most popular series of 2018 - Games of Thrones). The director of the new production was well-known in Ukraine and abroad director Vladimir Marin. His work viewers could see on such television talent shows as “America`s Got Talent”, “Ukraine Maє Talent”, “X - Factor” and others.

Today, with the help of visual art form 3D THEATER OF SHADOWS, VerbaShadowShow aims to overcome language, age and cultural boundaries, uniting a wide audience of viewers around the world.

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