Shadow Theater Teulis

18 November 2019, Mon. 19:00
Russian theater Odessa, st. Greek, 48
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR
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About event

Why go to the TEULIS Shadow Theater?

1. Theater - conquered and surprised many world capitals.
2. An original combination of high-class acrobatics, theater, optical illusions, excellent sound and stunning video projections.
3. The most unusual and most sought-after theater today.

Shadow Theater Teulis presents in 2019 a new show "Your Shadow"!

Every year for the theater was significant in its own way. New forms, technical solutions and new features. I want to combine all of them and show them from the best side. That is why the theater returns to the stage in November with the show "Your Shadow". It will include excerpts from the already known shows "Lord of the Shadows" and "Eternal History", as well as numbers that you have not seen before.

However, the surprises do not end there. Just for the first time, Teulis will add interaction with the audience to the show, now anyone who sits in the hall will be able to take part in the show and influence its development. Using live scenery from the shadows you can achieve a unique but simple story to understand it without words, and at the same time, so exciting to plunge into its event with your head.

The main characters of the show “Your Shadow” dream of making a film. Throughout history, they will travel through their memories, fall in love and quarrel, so that later, in the end, united to realize their dream. And we are sure that after watching everyone will find what he was looking for. Perhaps on the same day, and perhaps a little later, like the heroes of history, who deserve a happy ending for their courage and courage to be themselves. Theater Teulis has achieved impressive success in his seven-year career. Finals of popular talent shows in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Turkey and Italy. Tours in Finland, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Turkey, Japan and the United Arab Emirates. Over the past 3 years, collected more than 300 out-of-doors in Ukraine and Europe with the show "Lords of the Shadows" and "Eternal History."

Shadow Theater Teulis proves that all fantasies can be realized with the help of the shadows of the human body. You will plunge into a fascinating show and breathtaking choreography, which easily captivates your heart ... For the past 4 years, the Theater of Shadows TEULIS has been the finalist of the biggest talent shows in Italy, Turkey, Russia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He toured in Finland, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Belarus in Japan, and 35,000 spectators stood up to accompany the artists.