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Tember Blanche on V'YAVA

26 July 2024, Fri. 18:00-21:00
V’YAVA Kyiv, пр. Глушкова, 1
from 500 ₴
from 500 ₴
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About event

July 26 Tember Blanche with a big string concert at V'YAVA

If you think that a Tember Blanche concert is a lamp party with megalife songs, you are absolutely right. But in combination with violin and cello, the duo's music will sound especially romantic, so don't be surprised if you can't resist warm hugs and amorous looks 💓

You will remember this evening not only with the sad lyrics of "Druha" and "Hovanok", but also with the dancing summer vibe of "Vechornytsy" and songs about Kyiv. And no matter what, on stage Sasha and Vlad always follow one rule - to be real and not hold back their feelings.

So don't hold back - buy tickets for the Tember Blanche outdoor concert

🕑 See the detailed timing on the V'YAVA Instagram, Facebook and Telegram pages
🕹️The location has: a restaurant, a sports area, a playground, a food court, a hammock area, a PlayStation and much more...
📍VDNG, 1 Akademika Hlushkova Ave. (Bazhan Garden, from the main entrance on the right to the greenhouse)
📌 Important! There are three shelters near the location - in pavilions 1, 5, 13 and the "Exhibition Center" metro station