8 November 2018, Thu. 20:00
ATLAS Kyiv, Sichovykh Striltsiv 37-41
from 15.15 EUR
from 15.15 EUR


About event

November 8 Tequilajazzz in Atlas!

Virtuoso experimenters, subtle ideologists and real "firmachi", Tequilajazzz always stood apart on the Russian rock scene. Their individualism was akin to the musical revolution in the square - stand out among those who originally wanted to stand out against the background of the "gray monotonous mass", break stereotypes among those who "broke the system", go beyond the cliches where the "slogans" were replaced "Hymns of protest," - it was only their strength. So much that the mainstream some time rejected them, as an imperfect organism tries to get rid of the invasion of an innovative vaccine that can qualitatively change the cultural genome of a whole generation. Tequilajazzz group definitely succeeded.

Tequilajazzz are rightly considered to be the most influential representatives of Russian alternative and experimental rock. Their sound is always modern: with proprietary light arrangements, nervous bass and drum picks, piercing, genuine sincerity of lyrics and nomadic romance of poetry. Their fantastic level of concert mastery has long become a benchmark for colleagues in the shop. Each of their new releases becomes a revelation, and a performance is an event.

Twenty-five years after the debut on the stage of the cult Petersburg club "Tam-Tam", Tequlajazzz will appear before the public at the peak of their creative and concert form, in order to celebrate with a loud and bright celebration of the quarter-century anniversary.

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