10 March 2020, Tue. 19:00
!FESTrepublic Lviv, Staroseneskaya st., 24-26
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The 69 Eyes carry an anniversary tour and a new album in Lviv

This year has been the jubilee for The 69 Eyes - the band has been on stage for thirty years, but they are in no way slowing down. In May, the musicians announced a West End album that will be released on September 13, 2019 and are going on tour. However, this will not just be a tour to support the album, but a great celebration of the band's 30th anniversary. Unlike many bands that release collections of their best work before, The 69 Eyes are releasing an album of brand new tracks. So on this tour, fans will hear not only famous songs - Lost Boys, Brandon Lee, Dance d'Amour, Never Say Die, Betty Blue, Perfect Skin, Gothic Girl - but also fresh new material. "We are about to go on a four-year tour, so don't be surprised if we play in countries and continents we haven't played in a long time," says Jyrki 69.

The 69 Eyes is a legendary gothic rock band from Finland that has sold millions of albums. Their musical style is described as a balanced mix of the darkness of Gothic rock and guitar rock and roll. The Gothic Girl single was their first record to win gold, but the band still had a lot of gold and platinum albums.

The West End album for The 69 Eyes is already the twelfth record. New tracks have been recorded with the participation of such high-profile artists as Danny FILTO of Cradle of Filth, Wednesday13 and Kaliko Cooper of Beastö Blancö. The eleven longplay songs are rock anthems full of gravity, macabre moments of memento mori and black humor. This album is a dance group in the ruins of our world. The first single of the album was track 27 and done.