The Young Gods

2 June 2019, Sun. 21:00
from 20.00 EUR
from 20.00 EUR


The Young Gods in Kyiv - photo #1 The Young Gods у Києві
The Young Gods in Kyiv - photo #2 The Young Gods у Києві афіша
The Young Gods in Kyiv - photo #3 The Young Gods у Києві квитки

About event

Why go to The Young Gods Concert?

1. Visit the first performance of the cult group in Ukraine.
2. Lively hear the music of the band, which for years is the benchmark for many colleagues in the shop.
3. Spend the evening in a unique atmosphere of the true industrial year.

June 2, the worshipers of The Young Gods give their first concert in Ukraine.

The Young Gods is an industrial electric rock band. Voice, drums, electronic landscapes and guitar passages - live networks of these three electric cars are rightfully touching eternal, deep and strong. "Gods" in the title - it is not by chance. At one time, they provoked a sound-revolution in the European underground.

The history of the group began with the principle of refusal to use guitars. In the composition as then, and now there is only one true guitarist - the vocalist Franz Traichler. Until 1982, he not only mastered the game on six strings, but also finally absorbed its capabilities and compositional structures, which were in the course of the then rockers. Much later, they will turn to guitars - but quite different.

The second most important circumstance that allowed the ambitions of The Young Gods to be realized was the introduction into the musical life of such an instrument today as the sampler. They were among the first to start using them. Already the first single "Envoye!" (The name with a certain freedom can be translated as Mayakovsky "Nate!") In 1986 made a strong impression on European listeners - nobody even heard anything like that in the rich on underground experiments.

The Young Gods quickly conquered the American public and acquired a cult status on a global scale. Suffice it to say that among their admirers is a guitarist such as guitarist U2 Ege, and David Bowie, turning into the hero of the industrial year in the album "Outside", called his inspiration the "The Young Gods".

The musicians were inspired by the writings of the avant-garde and did not want to play according to the rules that existed in rock music. They created their own musical language, in which kort-rocker bomber bordering with the Kunda Vaill's zongs, and the Pinkfloyd's psychedelia was created on punk rocker guitars, produced using a sampler.

In the latest albums, The Young Gods returned to e-sound, engaged in experiments with ambient landscapes, and their numbers became even more bolder and more voluminous. Impressions of how over the years their obsession with music revolving rotation grew and has now reached galactic boundaries.

The Young Gods Never Grow Old (s)

The concert is part of the "Alien Switzerland" Multidisciplinary program supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine.

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