Quiet family dinner

10 December 2019, Tue. 19:00
from 6.00 EUR
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from 6.00 EUR
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Comedy performance Silent Family Dinner. The French lightness and sophistication at the same time, the great lives of little people or vice versa, family secrets and their surgical cuts, claims and friendship long into eternity - all in the performance "Silent Family Dinner". You will long to laugh at the intricate storyline and enjoy the aftertaste of this fun story. Unparalleled casting, original scenery and a friendly atmosphere are the key to your great mood!

The director is Valery Demchenko
Choreographer - Olga Semeshkina
The artist is Tatiana Ovsiychuk
Cast: Georgy Povolotsky, Oles Katsion, Olga Sobko, Eduard Sologub, Lyudmila Kandraeva.
The executive producers are Andrey and Olga Sobko.