Till lindemann

1 December 2018, Sat. 20:00
ATLAS Kyiv, Sichovykh Striltsiv 37-41
from 46.97 EUR
from 46.97 EUR


About event

Till Lindemann - the soloist of the cult German rock band Rammstein will perform with an exclusive concert in Kiev on December 1 at the club "Atlas" with his own project Lindemann. The event will take place as part of the book and music tour of the artist in Eastern European countries, where he will also present the Messer poetry collection.

The Lindemann project was created by Till Lindemann and Swedish musician Peter Tagtgren (Hypocrisy and Pain) in January 2015, and the first album of the duet Skills In Pills in industrial metal was released on June 23. The recording company Warner Music then called it “the most merciless and cool album of the year”, and the single “Praise Abort” caused a storm of indignation from the public, which brought the musicians first place in the European charts.

In Kiev, the singer will also present an updated collection of his poems "Messer", on the illustrations of which worked the famous artist Dan Zozulya.

For the first time "Messer" was presented in the year 2003. Then the light designer Rammstein group Gert Hof and Till Lindemann presented to the fans for the first time poems that became a new trend of kitsch: the elegiac hopelessness of the Forest King and healthy, muscular ultra-violence. No wonder - Till Lindemann was a forty-year-old punk in eternal burns and abrasions from explosions on the Rammstein fire show; Gert Hof - his light designer.

To the book, friends organized Till's androgynous photo shoot in a white jumpsuit with white mannequins. The compilation itself, after its release, has long been adorned on the main pages of the German press as the crudest, most vulgar, dirty phenomenon in popular culture. The fans were delighted.

“Of course, superficial texts are marked by violence and all kinds of provocations. However, if you read carefully, comedy opens, which few people notice. Sometimes I ask myself what kind of monster did I create there? But, on the other hand, as you read these verses, you laugh softly and rejoice in your small, dirty, black “someone”, Lindemann himself comments on poetry.

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