24 August 2019, Sat. 19:00
Red Line Odessa, Arcadia Beach, Left Wing
from 16.67 EUR
from 16.67 EUR

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Tim Belarusian rap phenomenon in Ukraine

More recently, a new Internet star named Tim Belorussky has lit up on the horizon. Since the publication of his hit “Wet Crosses” to the start of a large-scale tour, nothing has happened, but a 20-year-old guy from Minsk expands the geography of performances and comes to Odessa for the first time with a concert. The author of the songs “Sparks” and “Forget-Me-Not” will perform on August 24, 2019 at the Red Line Club!

The author of the hit “Wet Crosses”: Tim Belorusskih published this song in his public VKontakte in 2018, and now he is touring with a concert tour in the CIS. The guy from Belarus is distinguished by the absence of impudent shocking - instead, he focuses on music and the quality of live performances.

Music of the new generation. Tim Belorussky found himself somewhere in the middle of two fires: on the one hand, his phenomenal fame owes to the Internet, like many young rappers. But at the same time, the guy does not try to “turn the game over”, but approaches the matter responsibly - radio broadcasts, communication with fans, exhausting tours and much more. While his tracks top the music charts of streaming resources, and clips collect hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

New songs and all the hits: Tim got the first big fame among users of social networks after the release of the track “Wet Crosses”, in which he, “wet through to the core,” goes to his lover in “wet crosses”. A man grew up in a musical family, and therefore is convinced that music should surprise and give emotions. And judging by the reviews of satisfied fans, Tim Belorussky copes with these tasks 100%.

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