Timur Shaov

24 February 2019, Sun. 19:00
Jewish Cultural Center Odessa, st. Nezhinskaya 77/79
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from 4.55 EUR
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Timur Shaov in the author's song stands somewhat apart. Sometimes it is called "singing Zhvanetsky", sometimes compared with Galich and Vysotsky. But he, undoubtedly, has his own original intonation.

It is very difficult to attribute the work of Shaov to some musical direction. He is different. In its musical format, the author's song and rock and roll, and romance and ballad, and stylization of urban folklore, and national motifs.

His songs can be heard on the radio "Echo of Moscow" and on the radio "Chanson." He is accepted as his own at the “Old Rock” festival in Yekaterinburg, and at the Grushinsky festival. At various times, Mikhail Veller and Victor Topaller, Andrey Maximov and Svetlana Sorokina invited him to their programs, Dmitry Bykov and Lev Anninsky interviewed him. Timur is the winner of such various awards as the Golden Ostap and Chanson of the Year, the Golden Feather of Russia and the Vysotsky Foundation Prize of the Bard of Russia.

The new program is called “What about Freud?”. The songs from the new album, as always, are diverse in style and theme. There is an evil satire and good foolishness, there is an author's song, and rock and roll, and even rap. And, of course, in our politicized time, Timur could not help writing about politics. But all this with an inimitable "firm" Shaovsky humor. Together with Timur his musician friends will appear on the scene:

Nikolai Grigoriev (guitar) - the winner of the guitar competition, conducted by the Sigma company, and won the first prize - the guitar from the hands of the great guitarist Tommy Emmanuel, and the mandolinist Mikhail Makhovich.