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Tіn Sontsya

4 December 2020, Fri. 19:00
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR
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Tіn Sontsya in Zhytomyr - photo #1 tin-soncja-09_mestnoe-okolokulturnoe-prostranstvo_220320201900_565
Tіn Sontsya in Zhytomyr - photo #2 tin-soncja-09_mestnoe-okolokulturnoe-prostranstvo_220320201900_641
Tіn Sontsya in Zhytomyr - photo #3 tin-soncja-09_mestnoe-okolokulturnoe-prostranstvo_220320201900_354

About event

Why is it worth going to a concert by Tin Sontsya?

1. Rock artillery of the Ukrainian scene.
2. A team with national color and patriotic lyrics.
3. Music of modern Ukrainians - bold and full of faith in their own strength.

On March 22, the TIN SONTSA rock band will perform in Zhytomyr with a big recital in the Local Near Cultural Space.

Spring is a fabulous time when your wings grow back, when nights become shorter, when we become witnesses, how in an instant the earth explodes with fantastic colors.

Tin Sontsya sets off on a new tour in which we will call and welcome the new spring! As promised during the previous “Burn Step” tour, it was in the spring that Chugaisters and ghouls, mavki and swamps woke up, which would certainly lead you through the uncharted paths of your native land, which had just woken up from sleep.

And therefore - we are waiting for you! Come out to meet spring, which will give you your favorite hits, the freshest songs of the group and the “good old” treasures of the disc “Tin Sontsya” live!