Tina Karol

7 December 2018, Fri. 19:00
from 15.15 EUR
from 15.15 EUR
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About event

Why go to Tina Karol's concert?

1. To hear your favorite compositions in a live performance.
2. Charge the positive energy of the singer, bringing joy and light to her listeners.
3. To visit one of the warmest and most spiritual musical evenings of the year.

December 7 in the National Palace. Nikolay Sulak - sensual and charming Tina Karol! Do not miss the long-awaited concert of a talented singer.

The creative path of more than 10 years in length for Tina Karol was marked by dozens of songs, many of which became not just hits, but soundtracks to the life stories of millions. Among the favorite songs of the artist's admirers are the compositions "I Remember", "I Still Love", "Life Continues", "You Surrender Always Have Time", "Ukraine - Ties" and many others.

The emotional palette of Tina Karol's creativity is simply limitless: sadness and joy, lyrics and drive are intertwined in it. In her songs, the artist does not get tired of encouraging everyone to be strong, to love life and to believe in the best. In the songs of Tina Karol - the energy of love. It inspires hope in the heart, inspires, gives happiness. Each concert is a real festival for the spectators, woven from beautiful music, fine lyrics and colorful productions. Waiting for you!