14 February 2020, Fri. 22:00
HC Hall Kyiv, pr Vyzvolyteliv 1, Kyyiv
from 20.00 EUR
from 20.00 EUR

About event

Todd Terrier will perform for the first time in Kiev with a solar disco.

The legendary Todd Terrier, the author of the best album of all time, comes to Kiev and returns to the "golden age of disco", warm beaches and chill cocktail parties. This winter, Terrier will bring this mood to Kiev for the first time with the support of Ballantine's True Music, a platform aimed at supporting artists whose goal is to create new, original and most true music.

Terje Olsen, the real name of the musician, was born in the Norwegian town of Mjøndalen, where dance music has not been heard even in its golden years. It was nicknamed in honor of Todd Terry, a producer who became famous for a mix of hip-hop and house music.

Olsen graduated from music school in the class of keyboards, and his father listened in the car of Chris Ree and Hank Williams. How did Olsen create dance music? Everything changed the 1999 year and the Bjorn Torsky Sexy Disco track he heard. Then Teri decided everything for himself.

Throughout his 20-year career, Terrier has released only one album. But what! It's Album Time was released in 2014, becoming the disc of the year by Pitchfork, Spin, Resident Advisor, NME, and Q. One of the tracks even featured rock legend Brian Ferry.

It's Album Time drew even more attention to Terrier, though she did well without it. He has remixed tracks on Hot Chip, Bombay Bicycle Club and country legend Dolly Parton. Produced by fellow countryman, electronic Lindstrøm, and Scottish cult rocker Franz Ferdinand.

Olsen's music attracts everyone, from trance lovers to rock music fans. Terrier documents in his tracks a very important emotion for dance - happiness without looking at what is happening around the listener.

It does not hide the light-heartedness of the summer and the light breeze of nighttime parties under a bunch of electronic effects, but it flaunts them without being shy about looking weird. During the performances, Terrier Olsen speaks to the listener not by genres, but by the essence of these genres - rhythm, sound, melody, not highlighting one thing, but making a pleasant, unobtrusive mix that you always want to return to.

The legendary Todd Terrier, the author of the best record of the decade, is coming to Kiev for the first time and bringing back the "golden age of disco" - catchy tunes, ringing percussion and crazy dances until the morning. The same energy and party romance that we so missed.

Terrier brings this mood with the support of Ballantine's True Music. This is a series of music events that support true, passionate, uncompromising music, set trends, not follow them.

Kiev. February 14th. Todd Terje. True Music. Love.

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