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30 November 2018, Fri. 19:00
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from 3.03 EUR
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Why should you go to the play "Tokens of moths"?

1. To laugh and philosophize on the eternal theme of Love.
2. Together with the amazing actors to experience the bright moments of the play.
3. Again and again understand: the family is the closest and dearest world for everyone.

Kiev drama theater "Bravo" is a comedy "Tokens of moths." Love intrigues and lies for the good, all this and much more awaits you in an entertaining production!

The play will raise such an important and complex topic as faithfulness in love. Can flirting be considered a betrayal if there was no physiological contact? And what if someone flirting is just a way to prove to others and, above all, to yourself, that you are still capable of much ...

In the center of events is the Husband and Mistress, the Wife and the Lover, and the Maid. The latter will play the role of a real cupid, saving the family hearth.

In the comedy, everything will be for a good mood. But the main thing is that this performance will once again remind us of the supreme value of the family.

See you!

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