Only death will separate us

10 December 2018, Mon. 19:00
Maria Zankovetska Theatre Lviv, Lesi Ukrainky St, 1
from 7.27 EUR
from 7.27 EUR

About event

Prepare for a hurricane of passion, hot, like fire, love and sparkling Italian humor!

Casting comedy in two acts by the play of the famous Italian playwright Aldo Nikolayi was put by well-known Ukrainian director Valery Astakhov. The main heroine of Eve is a fatal woman in the full sense of the word. Reasonable, charming, passionate and enterprising. Everyone dreams about that secretly. Bruno was lucky. He gets acquainted with Eve. But the hero still does not suspect that he is waiting ...

This trick will hold the poor in all circles of hell - due to a car accident and a traumatology clinic, a prison and a madman. It brings Bruno's life to the bone marrow. And everything ... through a carefully planned murder project. After all, in Eve there is a legitimate man - a restrained and wise Mario, and it interferes with the personal happiness of the heroes ... The plan of the murder becomes more perfect every day ... How will this comic thriller end?

The main roles are folk pets!
People's Artist of Ukraine OSTAP STOP!
Star of TV series "When We At Home", "Servant of the People" and "Relatives" - KATERINA KUSTEN!
Famous theater actor and star of serials "To me, Mukhtar", "Female intuition-2" KOSTYANTIN KOSSISHIN!

"AND ONLY DEATH TO LEAVE OURS" is not just a comedy!
This is a delicate humor and a brilliant game of great actors!
This is an unpredictable plot and an irresistible laugh of spectators!
This is a play that can not be missed!
It's brilliant!

In every replica, in each dialogue of the show "AND ONLY DEATH TO LOVE YOU" you will have a passionate blend of satire and irony! The author of the play, on which the performance is staged, the Italian Aldo Nikolai never parted with humor! It's no accident that he once said: "I was never bored because I always knew what to do myself. I have had and there is a magic toy that makes me a company - it's a theater. "

The full blast of Italian humor, bright costumes, original decorations and amazing events with its turning points, the comedy "AND ONLY DEATH TO LOVE YOU" will please all the audience!

The artistic director of the sparkling anthracite is the People's Artist of Ukraine Eugene Paperny.
Producer - Oleg Shpanchuk.

Duration of the play with 1 intermission: 2 hours 30 minutes

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