26 November 2018, Mon. 19:00
CARIBBEAN club Kyiv, Petlyury st. 4
from 7.58 EUR
from 7.58 EUR


About event

Why go to TOLO4NIY concert?

1. You are waiting for a live version of the album "Heart from the Edge" with new composition and sound.
2. Become a part of a saturated show.
3. To see the result of the work of the team of the most relevant Ukrainian sound producers.

On November 26, in the concert-hall of the Caribbean Club TOLO4NIY, the album “Heart from the Edge” will be presented live, which was published in October of this year.

Zhenya Tolochny about the concert: “This will be a live version of the album with new musicians and a new sound. We worked for a long time in the studio and now finally we can embed it live. Someone may say that a new album is only 5 new songs and this is not enough for a full-fledged show. And we are rehearsing some new tracks that will be included in the next album, which will be released in the spring of 2019. There will be time to watch the new video “Heart from the edge”, which we filmed in summer in Latvia, so we are preparing for a rich show.”

The “Heart from the Edge” EP is five songs recorded in Kiev in the period from 2017 to 2018. Together with Zhenya, five young Ukrainian sound producers worked on the material for the album in four different studios: Kirill Matyushenko, wavewalkrs (Yura Vodolazsky and Nikita Reva), Sasha Chunin, Daniil Marin. The album cover was created by designer Nastya Akhrameeva. During the last year, TOLO4NYI has published two works from the mini-album “Heart from the Edge”.

Zhenya Tolochny about the album: “For me, this is a very important step - the creation of an EP in Ukrainian, where we put the lyrics into a trendy sound. To work on the “Heart from the edge” mini-album, I assembled a team of Ukrainian sound producers most relevant to me. These are people who feel the trends and create them. We managed to combine the lyrics in Ukrainian and biting bits into a complete album. I wrapped it all in a pop cover. I am very grateful to everyone who worked on the album for inspiring me and adding souls to the music I created in my home studio for a year. “Heart from the Edge” is a play on words. The main track of the album “about a girl without a heart” and at the same time about the choice to be different from others, about the possibility to fill your life and heart with new content.”

TOLO4NYI - new Ukrainian music, pop rock. In June 2016, Zhenya Tolochny presented the debut EP “Black and White”, in the fall of 2016, he played the first solo concert in the Atlas Kyiv Thousand-Years Thousand. Then I looked for new sound and new songs. In addition to the author's project, Eugene has been a musician and vocalist for the Scriabin group for several years.

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