29 November 2019, Fri. 19:00
Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater Odessa, 1 Tchaikovsky Street
from 21.67 EUR
from 21.67 EUR


About event

November 29, 2019 at the Odesa Opera and Ballet Theater, the Italian singer and composer Toto Cutugno will perform his hits, loved by several generations!

WHY IS IT worth going to the TOTO CUTUGNO show?

1. You will find the music of an era, the memories of several generations and songs, living and unique today, performed by an incredible master.
2. Get ready to explode with applause, sing hits of all time at the show of one of the most beloved and great Italian performers – singer and composer Toto Cutugno.
3. Spectators will receive a lot of positive feedback from live communication with the legendary artist.

TOTO CUTUGNO ON THE STAGE OF THE Odesa Opera and Ballet Theater

The show will be held in an atmosphere of warmth, mutual love and joy from Toto's easy communication with the audience. Everyone’s favorite compositions: “L'italiano“, “Solo Noi“, “Serenata“, “Per Noi“, “Io Vorrei“ and others, combined with a courageous, attractive, legendary timbre of voice and live music, will give an unprecedented pleasure.

Salvatore Cutugno, better known to the public as Toto, for us is now one of the most famous and beloved performers. However, pop singer Toto Kutuno began his career as a composer. Three songs of his authorship for a long time occupied the top lines in the French charts: “L`ete indien” performed by Joe Dassin, “Ciao, bambino, sorry” Mireille Mathieu, “En chantant” Michel Sardou. The popularity of Toto Cutugno in Europe was won by the song "Soli" performed by Adriano Celentano. Sixteen Coutugno`s songs written specifically for Joe Dassin became the best in the repertoire of the famous French chansonnier.

Toto Cutugno recorded 18 albums, touring tours change each other continuously, and show tickets fly instantly. And today, the artist is in excellent sports and musical form. You can’t talk about his work in the past tense, the lyrics of his songs are eternal. He actively tours around the world and continues to give unforgettable moments of joy with his performances.

WHERE TO BUY tickets for the TOTO CUTUGNO show IN ODESA?

Tickets that will give you musical pleasure can be purchased without leaving your home on concert.ua.

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