Three anecdotes on the same topic

8 February 2019, Fri. 19:00
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from 7.58 EUR
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Comedy-detective about adultery

The performance is in Ukrainian

As a “jokes” about adultery, the theater chose three stories of three famous writers - Ukrainian - Panas Mirny, Russian - Anton Chekhov, and European - Stefan Zweig. These are “Lovy”, “Horistka” and “Fear”. All these stories in one degree or another tell the story of the eternal theme of human life - adultery.

The plots in them are different, but besides the topic, they are also united by common characters - two funny “detectives-detectives”, who follow the careless spouses.

In the play on such a delicate subject, the actors of the New Ukrainian Theater, climbing into the lives of their heroes, into their lives, still reserve the right to ironically, with a great deal of humor, look at the problems that the Three Jokes are concerned with.

In the play a lot of plastic, dance numbers. The artists then rush to the gypsy overtly, then begin to live and move in the rhythm of passionate tango.

The performance will be interesting both for young lovers and couples with “experience”. There is a high probability that they will recognize any of their acquaintances in the heroes of the “Anecdotes”, or you see it, and themselves ... For who is without sin! ..