The trio of love, or the trauma of recognition

29 May 2019, Wed. 19:00
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from 4.55 EUR
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Why go to the play "The Trio of Love, or the Injury of Recognition"?

1. This is an unexpected opportunity to look into the theatrical inner world.
2. Enjoy spicy humor.
3. Laugh and even cry.

The play "The Trio of Love, or the Injury of Recognition" combines the works of the English writer Robert Anderson and the French playwright Marcel Mitu.

The story of the banal love triangle, whose members - Actors. In life, they continue to play on stage. Obviously, this is the main oddity of the world of theater ... In order to shine on the stage, they are ready to completely bare.

An unexpected opportunity to look into the inner world of the theater. The actors are having fun on stage, and behind the scenes - intrigue and love suffering. Viewers will be able to laugh and cry heartily. In the play a lot of music and incendiary dances.

Directed by directors : Olesya Gusar, Yuri Potapenko, Lyubov Titarenko.

Actors: Victor Shestakov, Vasily Zverev, Victor Mukhin, Lyudmila Kandraeva, Olga Sobko, Irina Rizdvyana, Elena Golub, Sergey Kroshchenko, Yevgeny Arabadzhiy, Yuri Potapenko, Peter Stashenko