Truffaldino or a servant of two masters

13 June 2019, Thu. 19:00
Russian theater Odessa, st. Greek, 48
from 1.82 EUR
from 1.82 EUR
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About event

You are waiting for the most famous in the world of drama, the funniest and most exciting case of "part-time work"!

Truffaldino, the glamor fool, guided by the principle “two salaries are better than one,” is hired as a servant to two different owners. And one of its owners is a beauty disguised as a man’s suit, and the second is a duelist hiding from justice.

Add to this company two eccentric fathers, a tender bride, a jealous groom, a broken maid, a charming hostess of the hotel, and - most importantly - a bright carnival Venice - and you will understand: you must see it without fail!

Confusions, disguises, strong hugs, hot kisses, fencing fights, carnival processions, fiery dances, night serenades - for you - in the new musical version of the world famous comedy Carlo Goldoni about the adventures of the cheerful Truffaldino from Bergamo!