Truffaldino from Bergamo

24 April 2020, Fri. 19:00
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The musical “Truffaldino from Bergamo” in the National Operetta is based on the play of the Italian playwright Carl Goldoni “The Servant of Two Masters”, written in 1749 in the genre of comedy del arte.

A fascinating story about a resourceful young man who arranged the personal happiness of his masters-masters and his own, for two and a half centuries bypassed the stage of all the famous theaters of the world. And her famous musical version is known to the audience in the film, shot in 1975 by the Soviet director Vadim Vorobyov. The tape was a stunning success with the audience, because the famous composer Alexander Kolker wrote the magic game music to it, and the director invited talented actors Konstantin Raikin and Natalya Gundareva to the shooting. The film Truffaldino from Bergamo is considered one of the most successful musicals shot in the USSR.


The main character of the musical is Her Majesty Love! Separations and dangerous trips, quarrels and duels, passionate oaths and intrigues - the heroes of the performance will have to go through all this in search of their own happiness.

Events unfold in Venice. A smart, cheerful young man from Bergamo named Truffaldino sets off for Venice full of prospects and opportunities in search of a better life and is hired by a servant to Federico Rasponi.

However, as it turns out, in fact, Signor Rasponi is his disguised sister - Beatrice. Risking her life and hiding her true face, she is trying at all costs to find her beloved Florindo Arethusi, without whom her life is not sweet.

Under the guise of his brother, Beatrice goes to the house of the Venetian merchant Pantalone. The visit of the intruder does not please either Pantalone and his daughter Clarice, nor their guests - Dr. Lombardi and his son Silvio. The fact is that Silvio and Clarice have long been in love with each other and the news of the death in a duel Federico, with whom Clarice was engaged, opens the way for marriage to lovers. The appearance of Rasponi, even having risen from the dead, negates the hopes of the young for a happy future. In addition, Pantalone owed Rasponi and now does not want to return the money ...

Performing the task of his master, Truffaldino accidentally meets another mysterious signor, who also offers the young man to become his servant. Quickly realizing that working with two masters at the same time, he would receive a double payment, the sly from Bergamo agrees to this tempting offer. But the adventurer Truffaldino does not even realize that the unfamiliar gentleman is Beatrice's beloved.

In this story, a happy ending: Beatrice will find Florindo, Clarice will marry Silvio, and Truffaldino will not only receive, as he wanted, a double payment, but will also meet his true love.