1 June 2019, Sat. 12:00
October Palace Kyiv, Alley Named After the Heroes of Heavenly Hundred, 1
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You're special in Kyiv - photo #1 Ти особливий у Києві
You're special in Kyiv - photo #2 Ти особливий у Києві афіша
You're special in Kyiv - photo #3 Ти особливий у Києві квитки
You're special in Kyiv - photo #4 Ти особливий у Києві на concert.ua
You're special in Kyiv - photo #5 Ти особливий у Києві фото

About event

Why go to a musical Are you special?

1. The action of the performance is interesting for both children and adults.
2. This is an incredible event that your child will remember for a long time!
3. Panoramic screen and modern technology, in which more than 60 actors play on the same stage!

Musical for the whole family "You are special." For the first time in Ukraine world-class musical!

“You are special” was met by sold-out members in more than 20 cities of Ukraine! The first stage of the All-Ukrainian tour ends in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, especially for the International Children's Day!

“I was on almost all Disneyland shows, but even they have nothing like“ You're special! ” This is something amazing! ”- directed by Carlos Aleman (USA).

The team of creators of popular children's shows and family musicals under the direction of Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine Igor Galenko offers children and parents an incredibly fascinating, informative and entertaining performance , with a panoramic screen and modern technology, in which more than 60 actors play on the same stage!

At the heart of the original plot is the idea of the American writer Max Lukado. The master created a city of beautiful wooden little men, gave them everything they needed and donated musical instruments, so that they, together with a friendly orchestra, could play wonderful melodies. But, in the struggle for supremacy, the little men forgot about everything: about the orchestra, about the instruments, and even about the Master himself. Now they devote their time to arguing which of them is better. They even came up with a "universal" way: the better is the one who gathers more Stars, which they themselves distribute to each other. Well, and if someone got something wrong, get a Blur! So they live - handing out stars and spots. And sometimes, masking their blunders, they come up with a new fashion, for which they are even ready to paint their noses with brilliant green just to become a Great Man! But there are those who are waiting for everything to change and the orchestra will play again. But will it happen?

7 features of the musical "You are special":
1. PANORAMIC video screen the size of a three-storey three-access house
2. A fascinating story about the ADVENTURES of unusual people
3. MUSIC and COSTUMES from creative composers and designers
4. Special effects using LASER and light-dynamic installations
5. Dancing different styles performed by festival winners.
6. ACTION, interesting for both children and adults
7. Comfortable, warm, BEAUTIFUL HALL

“Super !!!” - Lyudmila Satysheva (Kiev) , chief director of projects on STB and 1 + 1 channels

The uniqueness of this theatrical project also lies in the fact that the artists performing all the roles, singing all the songs and dancing all the choreographic numbers are only children - this is a professional children's troupe formed from talented children specially selected to participate in this project.

The authors and directors of the performance are experienced professionals who participated in major creative projects in various cities of Ukraine and abroad - scriptwriters, directors, composers, choreographers, plastic and vocal teachers, designers, video engineers, arrangers, decorators, sound engineers, lighting designers. artists and many others. Producers together with children artists call on each person to know their uniqueness . They become happy not because of their achievements, the accumulated wealth or the praise of other people. A true state of joy can be found only in the fulfillment of one's purpose and in the ability to build harmonious relationships. How to find out what you were born for? How to be yourself, not hiding from everyone?

“The musical“ You are special ”is just amazing work !!! Thank you for such a masterpiece. Music, dancing, costumes, stage design, computer graphics and finally the young actors themselves are a real celebration !!! ”- Natalya Zhukovskaya (Kiev ), head of the concert department at CBN.

Before the start of the international tour "You are special" will be shown in Kiev!

Only on June 1, 2019 in one of the central halls of the country - in the International Center for Culture and Arts (October Palace)! Only two performances!

The program is designed from 4 to 104 years.
Duration - 1.5 hours.

For kids up to 4 years of age admission is free (accompanied by an adult, without providing additional space, a ticket is needed only for an adult, a child is sitting on his hands).

The organizer of shows in Kiev is the company Best4KidsWORLD . TM "Best4KidsWORLD" is more than 800 performances around the world. We offer viewers the best children's shows in Ukraine and European countries.

This is an incredible event that your child will remember for a long time! Be sure to come to the musical! Both children and adults will be delighted!