11 January 2020, Sat. 18:30
from 1.33 EUR
from 1.33 EUR

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Charlie's aunt in Odessa! We are waiting for you from 2020-01-11 at 18:30 at the site of the Musical Comedy Theater (OATMK named after M. Vodyany), Odessa.
You can buy tickets for Aunt Charlie at Concert.ua online. And also place an order with delivery by courier or pick up an order on letterhead at our nearest ticket office (on the eve of the event, these methods become unavailable).

Charlie's aunt

musical comedy in 2 acts based on Brandon Thomas

Play - Y. Khmelnitsky, verses - R. Rozhdestvensky

The comedy Charlie’s Aunt was first staged in London on February 29, 1892. She broke all the records of her time: the first London production was shown to the public 1466 times, the Broadway production of 1893 - four years in a row.

Eric Chesney and Charlie Weiken, students at Oxford University, urgently need to find a chaperone to meet with their beloved girls Annie and Kitty. To do this, they dress a friend of the friend Franckert Babberly in the women's dress, forcing him to impersonate Donna Lucia, an aunt of Charlie from Brazil, a rich and noble person. Everything gets confused when Stefan Spetlig and Sir Francis Chesney begin to intensively care for this “aunt”. And absolutely the situation gets out of control when suddenly the real donna Lucia appears ...

The transformation of a man into a woman is a firework of comic situations and plot twists. A play saturated with humor and recognizable and invariably causing a smile quotes will never become obsolete and will always delight the audience.

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