UA Shorts

8 June 2019, Sat. 19:00
Кинотеатр Флоренция (синий зал) Kyiv, просп. Маяковського, 31
from 2.83 EUR
from 2.83 EUR


UA Shorts in Kyiv - photo #1 UA Shorts у Києві
UA Shorts in Kyiv - photo #2 UA Shorts у Києві афіша
UA Shorts in Kyiv - photo #3 UA Shorts у Києві квитки
UA Shorts in Kyiv - photo #4 UA Shorts у Києві на
UA Shorts in Kyiv - photo #5 UA Shorts у Києві фото
UA Shorts in Kyiv - photo #6 UA Shorts у Києві піти
UA Shorts in Kyiv - photo #7 UA Shorts у Києві дивитись
UA Shorts in Kyiv - photo #8 UA Shorts у Києві дивитись
UA Shorts in Kyiv - photo #9 UA Shorts у Києві піти

About event

Why should I go to the UA Shorts Film Festival?

1. Best Ukrainian short films in all regions of Kiev at the same time.
2. Serious Battle for the attention of the viewer. Look, we take pride in watching - what will happen next.
3. All films have numerous awards of film festivals.

On June 8, simultaneous cinema sessions took place in five different cinemas of Kyiv

In the program:

"Krivyanka" (comedy, Ukraine, 2016, 20 min)
Director: Arkady Nepitalital
Cast: Ivan Blindar, Maria Svyzhinskaya, Zakharia Novitsky, Daria Polunina
While their parents, carriers of traditional peasant views, are preparing a blood sausage for the arrival of the daughter-in-law, their son Andrew, who studies in the city, is constantly trying to inform them that his bride is a Jew. The best film of the National Competition of the IFF Molodist.

Not less than 50 kg, 2013, Ukraine, 12 minutes
Director Marina Artemenko
Cast: Victoria Kulik, Valery Astakhov, Lesya Lipchuk, Yaroslav Gerus, Irina Rogedzestvenska, Nina Radkevich, Sergei Beseedin, Ruslan Nikonenko
To appear against the stereotypes of society, Lesya begins to struggle with his own weight - to gain a kilogram.

Club of Luck, 2017, Ukraine, 20 min
Directed by Alexander Onufriyev
Cast: Yuriy Dyak, Mikhail Romanov, Alisa Debobova-Lukshina, Alexander Pogrebnyak, Svetlana Bragin, Nikita Skomorokhov, Arthur Shuripa
If life beats you and all over your head, if the universe hates you, and Failure is your second name ... You are here! The Psychological Aid Club is a meeting place for the most unlucky residents of the city! Long talk on the souls, cleansing self-digging and the traditionally-hollering catharsis in the final ... And all this under the control of a professional psychologist! Problems will definitely be solved!

Pig , 2016, Ukraine, 12 min
Director Roman Lyuby
Cast: Roman Khaleimov, Irina Tamim, Genadiy Khodikin, Tetyana Petrenko, Sergei Smiyan
The loser mom Tolik kills his wife. It turns out that her body has extraordinary properties, it is able to heal. Tolik with his friend build on this successful business.

DO NOT TODAY , 2014, Ukraine, 18 min
Director Christina Sivolap
Cast: Vladimir Zadniprovsky, Alla Sokolova, Sebastian Anton, Victoria Anton
Grandfather Lesos and the woman of Christy live their age in a small apartment and dream of simultaneous death. For this purpose, they lie down in the coffin in a festive outfit waiting for death. But my grandfather has more important things every time.

LoveSocks , 2018, Ukraine, 18 min
Directed by Julia Deglin
Cast: Maria Khomutova, Mikhail Fedorchenko
After 6 months of networking, Masha and Misha finally decide to see live. They had to be an ideal couple, but Masha does not rest alone one of the miracles in Misha: he never takes off his socks ...

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