11 October 2019, Fri. 19:00
NAU Center of Culture and Arts Kyiv, Cosmonaut Komarov Ave., 1
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from 16.33 EUR
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About event

Ready to meet the uncompromising Teutonic Heavy Metal? October 11, 2019 you will have this opportunity. The iconic heavy metal band UDO arrives in Kiev

In TSKI NAU kilowatts of heavy music will break out. The team of the legendary Udo Dirkschneider will show a real tough classic, which is so lacking in the modern rock scene.

Only forward and never to the side. This can be written the motto of the German band. At the time, Udo left Accept precisely because of the attempt of musicians to unload the characteristic heavy style. He remained faithful to his Teutonic armor-piercing metal. And now UDO is tearing up concert halls, stadiums and festival grounds. Only heavy rock, only old school. This is music that does not tolerate compromise. And Udo's hoarse vocals make her one of the most recognizable in the world.

Tour of German rockers launched in support of the new album. The album was named Steelfactory. This is a killer sound, melted from a selection of Heavy Metal, and hard lyrics, where every word sounds like a shot. The guys made a record during the tour. Perhaps that is why the disc turned out so energetic and straightforward. Each track in it is a rock anthem in the best old school traditions. Listen to new items and get ready to chant them with the legendary team.

Of course, not without old proven hits. The frontman of the band promises to include the most famous songs in the set list. The discography of the band boils over with strong tracks, everyone is able to tear the fans apart.

Do not miss the concert of the kings of heavy metal, whose music is tested by time and the multimillion army of fans. The countdown to the launch of the most powerful show started. Have time to take a place in the deadly rock machine.